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Android Horizontal ListView Tutorial 0

Android Horizontal ListView Tutorial

In this horizontal listview android example, we will discuss how to create a horizontal listview using RecyclerView. Android Horizontal ListView is required in apps where we create product listing as in various shopping apps and...

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Android Service Tutorial 0

Android Service Tutorial

  Hello Developers, Today we will discuss Android service example to get background data in android. We will be building an android service example app to fetch a number from a URL and notify...

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Android Notification Example 0

Android Notification Example with Progress bar, Big Picture and Direct Reply

Hello Guys. In Android Notification Example tutorial, we will learn different different types of Android Notification Example like Progress Bar, Big Picture and Direct Reply in notification. At the end of tutorial, you will be able to make following three types...

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Android PDF Creator 0

Android PDF Creator Tutorial using iTextG Library

Hello Developers, Today we will discuss about Android PDF Creator , how to create pdf document in Android using the iTextG library. iTextG is a very popular multiplatform library for creating and manipulating PDF documents programmatically. It...

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Android open gmail app Intents 1

Android open gmail app Intents

In the event that you need to dispatch an email customer (making another email), you can utilize the intensity of Intents to accomplish that. The email customer can be propelled by pre-filling the specific...

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android material design tutorial 0

How to Apply android material design tutorial

Following steps will help you apply the android material design tutorial to your app. 1. In Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all the details required to create a new project. When...

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