Android Bottom Bar

Android Bottom Bar

Android Bottom Bar is an library that let you implement a customized BottomAppBar and a bottom drawer with just few simple steps.

Dsl ready

Navigation Component ready

Android Bottom Bar
Android Bottom Bar


Full wiki here!

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Setup for Android Bottom Bar

Add the library:

Add the optional navigation extension:

Getting started

Layout ( minimal )

First you need to use a MaterialBottomDrawerLayout as parent of MaterialBottomAppBar.

More info about MaterialBottomDrawerLayout and MaterialBottomAppBar

Drawer ( minimal )

with DSL

without DSL:

More info about Drawer and Panels

Android Navigation Components integration

with DSL ( constructor injected NavController )
NavController can also be set later
in the following ways:
  • myNavDrawer.navController = navController
  • myToolbar.setupWithNavController( navController, myNavDrawer, myNavPanel1, myNavPanel2 )
  • myMaterialBottomDrawerLayout.setupWithNavController( navController )
without DSL

TIPS in Android Bottom Bar

The lib is built on 3 focal points:

  • Customization
  • Easiness
  • Compactness

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, while the third one means that you should be able to write your fully customized Drawer with the less lines of code as possible; in other word is suggested to use an approach like this:

with DSL:

withou DSL:

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