Android Business Hours Picker

Android Business Hours Picker

A business hours picker lib for android *

Want to add a business hours picker and viewer in your application? Try this library !

Support for Android 4.0.3 ( api 19 ) and up

Feel free to fork or issue pull requests on github. Issues can be reported on the github issue tracker.


Step 1 : Add jitpack to your build.gradle file

Step 2 : Add the dependency

How to use it

First Add the picker and the viewer you want to use in your layout files. The library has 4 main components, 2 Pickers and 2 viewer respectively :


Use it to pick a single business day


Use it to pick a full week of business days from monday to sunday


Use it to display a single business day


Use it to display a full week of business days

Then in your java code :

The picker activity of fragment

The viewer activity or fragment

See the full sample app for more details.

Potential impovements

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