Android Infinite Cycle ViewPager

Android Infinite Cycle ViewPager



You can download a .aar from GitHub’s releases page.

Or use Gradle:

Or Maven:

Or Ivy:

[block]2[/block]Android SDK Version

InfiniteCycleViewPager requires a minimum SDK version of 11.



For InfiniteCycleViewPager you can set such parameters as:

  • min scale:
    allows you to set the minimum scale of left and right bottom pages.
  • max scale:
    allows you to set the maximum scale of center top page.
  • min scale offset:
    allows you to set offset from edge to minimum scaled pages.
  • center scale offset:
    allows you to set offset from center when two pages appears.
  • model selected icon:
    allows you to set selected icon when current model is active.
  • medium scaled:
    allows you to set is scaling would be min -> max or min -> medium -> max.
  • scroll duration:
    allows you to set snap scrolling duration.
  • scroll interpolator:
    allows you to set snap scrolling interpolator.
  • page transform listener:
    allows you to set page transform listener.
  • auto scroll:
    allows you to set auto scroll in positive and negative directions.


Two-way widget need a lot of memory.
Infinite scroll available when item count more then 2.
You can set vertical or horizontal infinite cycle ViewPager.


Check out in code init:

If you want to get item position just call this method:

To update your ViewPager after some adapter update or else, you can call this method:

If you want to start auto scroll or stop call this methods:

Other methods check out in sample.

And XML init:

[block]4[/block]Getting Help

To report a specific problem or feature request, open a new issue on Github.


Thanks to Martijn van Dijk for developing Xamarin bindings library for InfiniteCycleViewPager.
Plugin is available on Nuget.


Yehor KosinovPrakhar Neel Sharma


Created by Basil Miller – @gigamole

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