Android Interview Questions Part 1 : Try It !!

Android Interview Questions

Android programming is growing day by day. The questions are asked by interviewers in android. A list of top android interview questions given below

Android Interview Questions

Core Android


  • Tell all the Android application components. Android Official
  • What is Application class?
  • What is the structure of an Android Application?
  • What is Context? How is it used?
  • What is AndroidManifest.xml?


  • What is Activity?
  • What are “launch modes”? Android Tutorial Online
  • Explain Activity and Fragment lifecycle. (Complete diagram GitHub, simplified diagram for ActivityFragment)


  • What is Fragment?
  • What is the difference between a Fragment and an Activity? Explain the relationship between the two.
  • What is retained Fragment? AndroidDesignPatterns
  • Why is it recommended to use only the default constructor to create a Fragment? StackOverflow
  • How would you communicate between two Fragments? Android Official

Views and ViewGroups

  • What is View in Android?
  • Relative Layout vs Linear Layout.
  • Tell about Constraint Layout
  • What are ViewGroups and how they are different from the Views?
  • What is a canvas?
  • What is a SurfaceView?
  • Do you know what is the view tree? How can you optimize its depth?
  • Difference between View.GONE and View.INVISIBLE?
  • Can you create custom views? How?

Displaying Lists of Content

  • What is the difference between ListView and RecyclerView?
  • What is SnapHelper?
  • What is the ViewHolder pattern? Why should we use it?

Dialogs and Toasts

  • What is Dialog in Android?
  • What the difference between Dialog and Dialog Fragment?
  • What is Toast in Android?

Intents and Broadcasting

  • What is Intent? StackOverflow
  • What is the function of an IntentFilter?
  • What is a Sticky Intent? AndroidInterview
  • What is an Implicit Intent?
  • What is an Explicit Intent?
  • Describe how broadcasts and intents work to be able to pass messages around your app?
  • What is a PendingIntent?
  • What are the different types of Broadcasts?
  • What is a BroadcastReceiver? StackOverflow
  • What is a LocalBroadcastManager? Developer Android


Inter-process Communication

  • How can two distinct Android apps interact?
  • What can you use for background processing in Android?
  • Is it possible to run an Android app in multiple processes? How?
  • What is AIDL? Enumerate the steps in creating a bounded service through AIDL.
  • What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?

Long-running Operations

  • How would you perform a long-running operation in an application?
  • What are the problems in asynctask?
  • When would you use java thread instead of an asynctask?
  • Why should you avoid to run non-ui code on the main thread?
  • What is ANR? How can the ANR be prevented?
  • What is an AsyncTask?
  • What is a Loader?
  • What is the relationship between the life cycle of an AsyncTask and an Activity? What problems can this result in? How can these problems be avoided?
  • Explain Looper, Handler and HandlerThread.

Working With Multimedia Content

  • How do you handle bitmaps in Android as it takes too much memory?
  • How to play sounds in Android? Vogella
  • What is the difference between a regular Bitmap and a nine-patch image?
  • Tell about the Bitmap pool. Mindorks

Data Saving

  • How to persist data in an Android app?
  • What are different ways to store data in your Android app?
  • What is ORM? How does it work?
  • How would you preserve Activity state during a screen rotation? StackOverflow

Look and Feel

  • What is a Spannable?

Memory Optimizations

  • What is the onTrimMemory() method?
  • How do you find memory leaks in Android applications? Mindorks
  • How does the OutOfMemory happens?

Battery Life Optimizations

  • How to reduce battery usage in an android application? Mindorks
  • What is overdraw? Developer Android
  • What is Doze? What about App Standby?


  • What are the different protection levels in permission?

Native Programming

  • What is the NDK and why is it useful?
  • What is renderscript? Mindorks

Android System Internal

  • What is the Dalvik Virtual Machine?
  • What is DEX?
  • What is the difference JVM, DVM and ART?
  • What are the differences between Dalvik and ART?
  • Can you manually call the Garbage collector?

Debugging and Programming Tools

  • What is ADB?
  • What is the StrictMode?
  • What is DDMS and what can you do with it?
  • What is Lint? What is it used for?


  • Why Bundle class is used for data passing and why cannot we use simple Map data structure
  • What is the support library? Why was it introduced?MartianCraft
  • What is Android Data Binding? Developer Android
  • What are Android Architecture Components? Developer Android
  • How do you troubleshoot a crashing application?
  • Explain Android notification system?
  • What is the difference between Serializable and Parcelable? Which is the best approach in Android?
  • Have you developed widgets? Describe. Mindorks
  • How to handle multi-touch in android GitHub
  • How to implement XML namespaces?
  • How to implement search using RxJava operators? Mindorks
  • What is AAPT?
  • What is the best way to update the screen periodically?
  • FlatBuffers vs JSON. Mindorks
  • HashMap, ArrayMap and SparseArray Mindorks
  • What are Annotations? MindorksLink


  • Describe the architecture of your last app.
  • Describe MVVM.  Android Tutorial Online
  • What is controller?
  • Describe MVC.
  • Tell something about clean code Mindorks

Tools And Technologies

Android Test Driven Development


  • Describe how REST APIs work.
  • Describe SQLite.
  • Describe database.
  • Project Management tool – trello, basecamp, kanban, jira, asana.
  • About build System – gradle, maven, ant, buck.
  • About multiple apk for android application. Mindorks
  • Implement Search Using RxJava Operators. Mindorks
  • APK Size Reduction. Mindorks
  • Android Development Best Practices. Mindorks
  • Android Code Style And Guidelines. Mindorks
  • Have you tried Kotlin? Mindorks
  • What are the metrics that you should measure continuously while android application development? Mindorks
  • Reverse Engineering an APK.
  • What is proguard used for?
  • What is obfuscation? What is it used for? What about minification?
  • How do you build your apps for release?
  • How do you control the application version update to specific number of users?
  • Can we identify users who have uninstalled our application?

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