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Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation 0

Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

In the Previous tutorial, we learn how to How to draw custom shapes in Curved Bottom Navigation View. Here we will learn about the  Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation. Steps To Make Example Follow all...

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Curved Bottom Navigation View 0

Draw Curved Bottom Navigation View

In this Tutorial, we will learn How to draw custom shapes in Curved Bottom Navigation View   Steps To Make Example Follow all the below steps to make a sample project in the android studio....

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convert java project to kotlin 0

convert java project to kotlin

Environment: IDE = Android Studio 2.1.2. There’s a plugin for Eclipse too. Kotlin version = 1.0.4 The before photo (before tinkering): Installation 1. Download Kotlin plugin (let the .gif show you how) 2. Configuring...

Android navigation component 0

Android Navigation Component

Android navigation component, which is one of the architecture components, can be used to implement navigation in android applications. Using the navigation component, you can separate navigation flow logic from the other parts of...

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Android Horizontal ListView Tutorial 0

Android Horizontal ListView Tutorial

In this horizontal listview android example, we will discuss how to create a horizontal listview using RecyclerView. Android Horizontal ListView is required in apps where we create product listing as in various shopping apps and...

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Android Service Tutorial 0

Android Service Tutorial

  Hello Developers, Today we will discuss Android service example to get background data in android. We will be building an android service example app to fetch a number from a URL and notify...

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Android Notification Example 0

Android Notification Example with Progress bar, Big Picture and Direct Reply

Hello Guys. In Android Notification Example tutorial, we will learn different different types of Android Notification Example like Progress Bar, Big Picture and Direct Reply in notification. At the end of tutorial, you will be able to make following three types...

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