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 PowerPermission PowerPermission is a library to simplify process of demanding RuntimePermission. You find an example application in this Repo or downloading directly here.Here are some different points compare with other libraries: support asking permissions in AppCompatActivity and Fragment(include ChildFragment) support custom rational view after user…

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 Chip Navigation Bar A navigation bar widget inspired on Google Bottom Navigation mixed with Chips component. Usage XML Vertical orientation ChipNavigationBar supports a vertical orientation mode. This is very useful fortablets or devices with large screens. Just add…

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 sectioned-recycler-view This library allows you to divide items in your RecyclerView into groups called sections. Each section is represented by an adapter and can have a header. SectionAdapter is similar to Android’s RecyclerView.Adapter, which creates and binds…

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Material Banner in Android

MaterialBanner is a library that provides an implementation of the banner widget from the Material design. Banners – Material Design. Preview You can download the sample app here. Setup Add the gradle dependency Check your theme In order…

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Android Bottom Bar

Android Bottom Bar

Android Bottom Bar is an library that let you implement a customized BottomAppBar and a bottom drawer with just few simple steps. Dsl ready Navigation Component ready Wiki Full wiki here! also Read :: Android Permissions Implement Popup Read this ::…

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Tag selection edit text and list with library

Tag selection edit text and list

Tag selection edit text and list TagView This Tag selection edit text and list libirary help to pick up Text as Tag. Like Skill selection or other things what you want. You can call it Tag with EditText…

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Material color palette Shows shadow of the image

Material color palette

Material color palette View This library shows Material color palette shadow of the image by it’s palette color. Gradle 1.Few ScreenShots SHADOW CORNER RADIUS SHADOW OFFSET X XML ATTRIBUTE DESCRIPTION app:paletteOffsetX represents the offset of the shadow in…

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Android Permissions Implement Popup

android permissions

Needs An easy way to implement modern Android Permissions instructions popup.Needs can be fully customized and showing with animations. Download Gradle And add a dependency code to your module‘s build.gradle file. Usage Basic example of Android Permissions This is a basic…

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Helps to create a bunch of alert dialogs with Lottie

Alert Dialogs with Lottie

Alert Dialogs with Lottie This repository provides a alert dialogs with Lottie customization. Requirements You must add lottie assets to your main folder first, there is a five types of alert dialog and five lottie files in there.Don’t…

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A beautiful and material alert dialog in android app

material alert dialog in android

material alert dialog in android AlertDialog for Android, a beautiful and material alert dialog to use in your android app. Setup The simplest way to use AlertDialog is to add the library as dependency to your build. Gradle…

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