Image processing library for Android


Tomo is a collection of fast image processing effects for Android. Its main goal is to generate dynamic content for aesthetically pleasing apps.

The motivation behind this project can be read in this blog post.


In this demo app we showcase a cool adaptive background being generated using the content of the screen:

Using it

Add the snippet below in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

Then, add the dependency to your module:


Latest release: 

Initialize the library in your Application class:

Now you’re ready to either apply the effects over Bitmaps or ImageViews:

Built-in effects

Custom effects

Tomo comes equipped with a list of image transformations that can be arranged in any order to build cool custom effects.

To transform a Bitmap, call Tomo::applyCustomTransformation():


resize, as the name implies, lets you resize the bitmap.


blur applies a gaussian blur. It’s maximum radius is 25f.


valueClamp clamps the value and the saturation of an image. It can also scale the saturation.


grayNoise applies a gray noise over the image.


rgbNoise assigns a random, close, RGB color to each pixel.

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