Material Banner in Android

MaterialBanner is a library that provides an implementation of the banner widget from the Material design.

Banners – Material Design.

Material Banner


Material Banner

You can download the sample app here.


Add the gradle dependency

Check your theme

In order to use this banner your app theme should inherit from a Material Components theme.

More about that: Getting Started – Material Components for Android.

Create your banner

In your layout.xml:

then in your Activity/Fragment:

From the code using Builder:

DO NOT forget to call Builder#setParent(…). Pass here a ViewGroup that will be a parent for your banner.

Or you can use:

  • setParent(ViewGroup, int) to specify the index of the banner in ViewGroup’s hierarchy;
  • setParent(ViewGroup, int, ViewGroup.LayoutParams) to change the default LayoutParams.


You don’t need to set both left and right buttons: you can set one of them (doesn’t matter which one).

Additional setup

Add listeners

If you want to know when your banner was shown or dismissed you can set appropriate listeners from BannerInterface:

Or chain these calls to the Builder:


For the style guidelines read Banners – theming.

Changing style of a single banner

In your layout.xml

Available attributes:

  • backgroundColor
  • iconTint
  • messageTextAppearance
  • messageTextColor
  • buttonsTextAppearance
  • buttonsTextColor
  • buttonsRippleColor
  • lineColor
  • lineOpacity


From the code

Available methods:

  • setBackgroundColor
  • setIconTintColor
  • setMessageTextColor
  • setButtonsTextColor
  • setButtonsRippleColor
  • setLineColor
  • setLineOpacity


Global style

You can change style of your banner globally.

Add bannerStyle attribute to your theme:

And create your custom style (you can inherit from the provided default banner styles):

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