Rich Android Path

Rich Android Path
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💪 Rich Android Path. 🤡 Draw as you want. 🎉 Animate much as you can.

[block]6[/block]Download sample app:


  • Full Animation Control on Paths and VectorDrawables: Animate any attribute in a specific path in the VectorDrawable


  • Path morphing:

[block]10[/block]Just 3 Steps to Animate any path.

[block]11[/block]1. In your layout.

[block]12[/block]2. Find your richPath.

[block]13[/block]3. Use the RichPathAnimator to animate your richPath.


[block]15[/block]notification icon vector drawable




Add the following dependency to your module build.gradle file:

Add this to your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file) :

[block]21[/block]More Control by the RichPathAnimator

  • Animate multiple paths sequentially or at the same time
  • Which one of the paths is clicked?


  • Clickable path (Done)
  • Support clip-path
  • Path animation (animate a RichPath on a path)
  • Reverse animation

If you have any suggestion please open an issue for it.


  • florent37 He is the creator of ViewAnimator which gave me the idea of this project. Some core concepts and ideas were reused, but everything is written from scratch.
  • Android Some code is reused form the android source code and the VectorDrawableCompat support library.
  • Alex Lockwood The paths of the morphing sample is extracted from the Shape Shifter demo.

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