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Material Banner in Android

MaterialBanner is a library that provides an implementation of the banner widget from the Material design. Banners – Material Design. Preview You can download the sample app here. Setup Add the gradle dependency Check...

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Android Bottom Bar 0

Android Bottom Bar

Android Bottom Bar is an library that let you implement a customized BottomAppBar and a bottom drawer with just few simple steps. Dsl ready Navigation Component ready Wiki Full wiki here! also Read :: Android Permissions Implement...

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Snackbar Android 0

Snackbar Android

A lightweight Android library for Snackbar Android Download Grab via Gradle: Usage In Sneaker 2.0.0 it’s possilbe to show sneaker on Activity, Fragment or any ViewGroup Custom: Error: Success: Warning: Custom View: Apps using...

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Android Debug Database 0

Android Debug Database

Android Debug Database is a powerful library for debugging databases and shared preferences in Android applications Android Debug Database allows you to view databases and shared preferences directly in your browser in a very...

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Android library for a VideoView 0

Android library for a VideoView

Android library for a VideoView that plays video only when 👀 are open and 👦 is detected. GIF AndroidPub (Medium) Post You can read the AndroidPub post about this library, the perks it provides and other details here....

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Animation Library for Android UI 0

Animation Library for Android UI

Sequent Sequent is a library that starts animation continuously for multiple views at regular intervals. You can change the animation settings. Please use the following implemented animation effects. bounceIn fadeIn fadeInDown fadeInLeft fadeInRight fadeInUp rotateIn Download Continuous animation library like...

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Android Infinite Cycle ViewPager 0

Android Infinite Cycle ViewPager

Warn Download You can download a .aar from GitHub’s releases page. Or use Gradle: Or Maven: Or Ivy: Android SDK Version InfiniteCycleViewPager requires a minimum SDK version of 11. Sample Parameters For InfiniteCycleViewPager you can set such parameters as: min...

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android Rounded ImageView Library 0

android Rounded ImageView Library

Rounded ImageView Android Library, to set single or multiple corners on imageview. Screenshot Usage Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file Step 2. Add the dependency Implementation ###XML Implementation: ###Java Implementation:...

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android menu pager 0

android menu pager

🔥 An android library to get simple menu options to 💪. Inspired by AndroidResideMenu. GIF AndroidPub(Medium) Post You can read the AndroidPub post about this library, the perks it provides and other details here. Prerequisites Add this...

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