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Animation Library for Android UI 0

Animation Library for Android UI

Sequent Sequent is a library that starts animation continuously for multiple views at regular intervals. You can change the animation settings. Please use the following implemented animation effects. bounceIn fadeIn fadeInDown fadeInLeft fadeInRight fadeInUp rotateIn Download Continuous animation library like...

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Android UI Animation Libraries 0

Android UI Animation Libraries

Android UI Animation Libraries A curated list of AAndroid UI Animation Libraries, UI components and custom animations developed by Ramotion FOLDING CELL Material design expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material Stay tuned...

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Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation 1

Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

In the Previous tutorial, we learn how to How to draw custom shapes in Curved Bottom Navigation View. Here we will learn about the  Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation. Steps To Make Example Follow all...

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