zigzag view for Android

zigzag view for Android

a zigzag view for using for ticket or invoice



Step #1. Add the JitPack repository to root build.gradle file:

Step #2. Add the dependency



AttributeTypeDefault ValueDescription
zigzagHeightdimension0dpheight of zigzag jags
zigzagElevationdimension0dpside of shadow
zigzagBackgroundColorcolorColor.WHITEbackground color
zigzagPaddingContentdimension0dpcontent padding
zigzagPaddingdimension0dpview padding
zigzagPaddingLeftdimensionzigzagPaddingleft side view padding
zigzagPaddingRightdimensionzigzagPaddingright side view padding
zigzagPaddingBottomdimensionzigzagPaddingbottom side view padding
zigzagPaddingTopdimensionzigzagPaddingtop side view padding
zigzagSidesenumbottomchoosing zigzag sides
zigzagShadowAlphafloat [0,1.0]0.5amount of shadow transparency


Reza Kardoost for helping me out with ZigzagView Shadow/Elevation.

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