Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

In the Previous tutorial, we learn how to How to draw custom shapes in Curved Bottom Navigation View. Here we will learn about the  Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation.Bottom Navigation ViewBottom Navigation View

Steps To Make Example

Follow all the below steps to make a sample project in the android studio.

Step 1. Dependency part

Add the below line in build.gradle(Module: app) file

Step 2.

Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

Step 3. Main Files

Ok, now the last thing is to change activity_main.xml and files.

Write down below code structure in activity_main.xml


Now add the following coding lines into file


Step 4. Custom Curved Bottom Navigation View

Bottom Menu

below is Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation


Bottom Navigation View

You can read Curved Bottom Navigation View also.


Download Source Code For Drew  Curved Bottom Navigation View Animation

[download id="469"]

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